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February 3, 2011
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THE STEREOTYPE. CAN YOU SEE BEYOND IT? Apparently I canīt, Iīm just some anime fantard who draws and dresses up, so whatever I say itīs automatically labeled as retarded, inmature, etc. The funny thing is, "animefantards" have normal jobs, can speak various languages, study a career and be good students... for example me, oh what a silly and childish person I am for liking anime and cosplay, but I am an honour student, mind you, thatīs why I never submit anything I am always fucking studying and working... and I can speak various languages and do other useful stuff. But no way I can be taken seriously, I am just some short girl with a cute face who likes anime, Iīll never grow up you know...

... and whatīs worse, I like Hetalia so there is no way I can know shit or have a serious conversation about History, Sociology, Psychology etc. right? EVEN THOUGH I AM A TEACHER, AN ARTIST, AND A DIFFERENT-CULTURES-NERD. But yeah I am just some stupid fangirl with no life...

Yes, there is people who actually dare go a say that in your face, too many in fact, even if it is obvious who is being the inmature, incult and narrow-minded in such anti-stuff hate & trolling conversations. However, if you try to defend your dignity, you are labeled as "seee you are obsessive like all those fantards!" oh please, at least I know how to talk without using an insult each 3 words, and I can make fair, objective critics. And I donīt even need to be rude to do that.

Also, no itīs not true that "Hetalia promotes myopic stereotyping of cultures you don't understand more like". If you think so itīs possibly because:

1) You read such biased opinion somewhere and you are childish enough as to make that opinion yours...
2) ...without even read or watch Hetalia before saying that...
3) Or you watched the american dub version before the original

Most of the characters have some "stereotypical" traits to call it somehow, but if Hetalia is so stereotyping the countries, then I wonder:

-Where are the fat, lazy americans who canīt even speak
-Where are the lazy and gypsy-looking Spanish and Romanians
-Where are the dark haired Italians and their moustaches
-Where are the super-tall-and-good-looking Polish
-Where are thos suicidal baltic people

I mean, seriously, the japanese guy is stereotypic because he looks, well, japanese? The american and Italian are stereotypic because they like ice-cream? I mean, people all over the world eat icecream but in America and Italy people eat icecream even in winter, or maybe just because they are depressed, damm they have their own ice-cream cans at home! I just fail to see why an American or Italian who likes icecream is stereotypic... itīs like saying Chinese people are stereotypic for eating, well, chinese food (of course, they just call it FOOD)

Now, if for example Antonio (the Spanish guy in Hetalia) was dark haired, with dark eyes, tanned skin, bullfighter, lazy, always dancing flamenco etc all of those topics together, then Iīll be all like "HETALIA IS BAD IS PROMOTING RUDE STEREOTYPES" but Hetalia is not like that.

Also, there is no real reason why you should like Hetalia even if you get the point of the series (and the point is seeing beyond the stereotypes that the characters initially use to make fun of each other). For some reason, when someone doesnīt like Hetalia, they insult and say stuff like "I donīt need to understand your oh-so-not-deep teenager cartoons and itīs not like I can take seriously someone who draws and dresses up" ... yeah, well no one said Hetalia is THAT DEEP at all, itīs just a "silly" anime and manga with histerical humor that happens to base itīs humor in cultural shocks, funny moments in the history, and the jerkiness of the people all around the world. It has some dramatic moments and it is always very cute and "girly". It has a "very japanese kind of humor" too. Itīs a weird series, and not for everyone (but thatīs just the same with everything in life, dammit)

Moral/Social/Nonsense discussion apart, this is another CG for the videogame "Hetalia Atlantis" (working title) Guess which of the Hetalians has this poster hiding in the closet of his room? ;D

:iconimtheheroplz::iconsaysplz: IN AMERICA!

:iconitstonythealienplz::iconsaysplz: F*ck yeah!

(no, itīs not in Alfredīs closet lol neither Tonyīs XD)

I luv this girl, I so want to cosplay her :heart: This picture took lots of time... but thatīs probably me being abnormally slow at colouring, and not having much free time to continuosly work on it for at least a couple of hours >.< the flag was speciallydifficult and I am not totally happy with the way it turned... oh well!

*Catalans, valencians, gent de les Balears, etc. parleu en catalā que he de practicar jooo que així no pot ser! No aprendré mai si no! XD grācies i petonets XD

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